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With locations in Tampa Bay & Los Angeles

ProTek IT Solutions provide:
Managed IT Services
IT Support
IT Consultancy
in & around Tampa Bay, Florida

ProTek IT Solutions provides IT Consulting, IT Support & Managed IT Services to businesses in the Tampa Bay area.

Managed Service Provider

Proactive monitoring and maintenance alerts us to issues with networks, servers and workstations. We review and address these alerts and proactively resolve these.

Security Services

Businesses heavily rely on their IT systems and the integrity thereof. Companies can be completely crippled if their primary internal data sources are compromised.

Network & Server Management

From Windows & Linux Servers to VMware Administration, large scale wireless implementation, data center architecture design and more.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

In today’s IT driven business environments there are many affordable solutions to bring about a rock solid backup and disaster recovery solution.

IT Support

IT Support for when you need it. Email, computer, network support.


Software applications & technology are part and parcel of your business strategy.


Communication is key in business.  From phone, email & team collaboration.

Cloud Services

Small and large businesses rely on a myriad of “cloud solutions” to manage and streamline their business processes.

ProTek IT Solutions are a Managed IT Services, IT Support & IT Consulting Company Tampa Bay, Florida

ProTek IT Solutions is based in Tampa Bay
with additional offices in Ventura County and Los Angeles, California.

It has the staff and experienced IT engineers to fully handle all IT issues a company may come across and may need assistance with. ProTek works exclusively for small and medium sized businesses and thus knows what these companies are up against in the constantly changing and very innovative IT industry.

You can rely on Protek’s expertise as a Tampa Bay IT company to be able to assist you with whatever you need, be it Cloud Services to manage and streamline your business processes; Back-Up & Disaster Recovery to prevent and quickly restore any lost data; Security Services to solidly secure your data and educate your employees; Network and Server Management, including data center architecture design and VMware administration; and 24/7 Help Desk and Monitoring services with pro-active monitoring and maintenance alerts to any issues your IT system be running into.

Deciding on an expert IT company in your area is one of the main things a business needs to tackle to assist them with a whole host of IT issues right from the start. To be able to just pick up the phone and talk to a professional and get resolution to your IT problem right away is worth a lot. You couldn’t get a better IT company in the Tampa Bay area than Protek IT Solutions. We have extensive experience in assisting our customers with all things IT. We can assist you with planning and adjusting your IT strategy as you grow your business. We set up and connect all your IT equipment, we instruct your staff on its use, we set up reasonably priced cloud services and security and roll out an education program so your staff will know not to endanger your IT system.

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IT Support Tampa

Protek IT Solutions, a Tampa based IT Support company, is here to support you with your IT needs. We can give IT support to help you to prepare an IT Plan and Strategy for your company and help you to implement it, either on site or remotely. We have professional IT specialists that can support you in all your IT requirements and give you your own core IT Support team. We provide expert Information Technology guidance and management as required by your stated needs. Our team is very knowledgeable about general computer systems, cloud applications and platforms, all electronic hardware required in businesses, setting up networks between different devices and what software applications are available.

Each team member has its own skills and expertise and can provide IT support in the Tampa Bay area on a large variety of support issues. We have specialists on call to assist you 24/7 on a quick first pass support basis either by phone or email. We will analyze and diagnose the problem and then provide either remote or on-site support to resolve any IT problem you may run into and we’ll do it so as to minimize any business downtime. In the event of a network or server failure we will propose and agree with you a solution to prevent any such failures from occurring again. Our target is for you to have zero downtime so you won’t lose any business.

The 2 main things an IT support company does is help you fix any IT problems and propose and implement preventative measures to reduce the number of IT issues occurring to the absolute minimum. With regards our help desk and general IT assistance you can email or call us with IT questions. Normally we will be able to assist you right away but if that is not possible and it is not super urgent we will prioritize the request and issue a ticket #. In this way you have your ‘own help desk’ just like some large companies have internally but you won’t need to hire and pay a whole bunch of employees. We hope you will give us a chance to show you how we can be your IT Support company in the Tampa Bay area and give you the very best service.

Managed IT Services Tampa

Protek IT Solutions provides a host of managed IT services to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly and without any major hick-ups. There are many benefits to an integrated computer network and other IT systems that it is hard to imagine how many things can actually go wrong, such as system downtime, security issues, data losses and computer crashes, so to have a professional IT Services company available at your fingertips to not only fix the problems you run into but also to minimize any possible adverse IT situations with a properly set up, maintained and managed network and computer system, is an absolute must-have for businesses in this day and age.

The proper set-up, management, optimization and back-up of your network, servers and workstations in a company-wide IT network is essential if you want to avoid all the various issues and trouble that IT mis-management and not correctly instructed employees can cause. Such maintenance and management is well worth the effort invested in it by yourself and your IT Services company as it will give you a more productive business and keep your data secure.

Our IT services improve your complete IT infrastructure at reasonable rates and at a speed you will be amazed about; we can work very fast because we know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it. Our expert technicians and engineers optimize your systems so they always run at the best possible performance and add value to your business. You really have a complete IT department without all the costs of running one. Whenever you have an issue, we are always there for you, 24/7, with the best IT services you can get in the Tampa Bay area.

IT Consulting Tampa

Protek IT Solutions also can assist you when you need to expand your systems and network, we will consult with you to make sure your purchases are the exact correct devices and software apps that will do exactly what you want them to do and will be bought on growth and the future so you won’t have to purchase increased capacity all the time. IT issues can take up a lot of the productive time of the business owner and other employees when there are problems, so having Protek IT Solutions available in your area to give you expert IT Consulting services gives you a good chance that you will have fast service and a quick and reliable resolution for your issues.

Our IT Consulting services provide cutting-edge IT solutions for your network and systems resulting in an optimized network based on pro-active maintenance and management on a 24/7 basis. We want to be your choice IT Consulting company, and listening to the many Clients we have had the opportunity to assist with their IT planning, infrastructure and systems, we can and will deliver the very best service and products you can get in this day and age. We can either consult with you online or remotely or in a personal meeting. We can even assist you in the actual purchase of the equipment and software as we usually receive discounts because we buy from wholesalers that end users like you can’t.

Because of our extensive knowledge and expert skills in all areas related to Information Technology, including cyber security, we can also provide seminars for your staff and employees either online or in person with regards to any IT related matters. Our team is highly trained and has numerous certifications that cover the whole subject of IT so there is very little that we cannot help you with. Please give us a call and we can set up a no cost meeting.

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