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Below is an example of an issue that is resolved by the following: If you’re trying to add another adult or existing Apple ID to a family sharing plan, you have to be the ORGANIZER of the iCloud family sharing plan. You can’t just be another adult on the plan using the plan.

A user wanted to share his 2TB iCloud storage plan with another person; however, when trying to add her AppleID to the Family Sharing from his iPhone, he could not send an invitation to the existing Apple ID. He only had the option to press the button to add a Child Account to the Family Sharing. When attempted, this would create a new iCloud account for a child rather than adding an existing one to Family Sharing.

Apple ID iCloud Family Sharing Storage

The user had two members of his Family Sharing which were both his AppleIDs. Each AppleID had a service that they were sharing with the other AppleID (Apple TV+ and iCloud Storage 2TB plan). Family Sharing allows up to 5 family members so he should have been able to invite more family members to the Family Sharing.

While on the phone with Apple support it was determined that he could not invite members to join the family because the AppleID on his iPhone was not the Organizer of the Family Sharing. It was his older AppleID that originally created the Family and then invited the newer AppleID. Only the Organizer of the Family Sharing could invite new members.

To solve this, Apple support remotely connected to the screen of the iPhone and walked us through these steps:

  1. On another Apple Device Go to Settings and log in with the original AppleID that created the Family Sharing
  2. Delete the Family Sharing
  3. On the device with the newer AppleID (in this case the iPhone) go to Settings, click on your name and click on Family Sharing to create a new Family Sharing instance

  1. Invite the AppleIDs that you would like to be members of the Family Sharing (this can be sent in a text or an email)


  1. On the invited family members’ devices, they should accept the invitation (and will need to verify their identity using the code that will appear on their apple device)
  2. If the family member is sharing a service, go to Settings, click on their name, click on Family Sharing and select Subscriptions and tap the subscription you want to share, then follow the onscreen instructions

Apple ID iCloud Family Subscriptions that can be shared

Apple lists the following first-party subscriptions that can be shared with up to five people:

  • Apple One Family and Premier plans
  • Apple Music family subscription
  • Apple Arcade
  • Apple News+
  • Apple TV+
  • Apple TV channels
  • iCloud storage plans with 200GB or more



  1. On the family members’ devices go to Settings, click on your name, and click on the subscription that is being shared and select the Family Shared subscription to use it

(Ex: iCloud Storage 2TB can be shared with Family Sharing)

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