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Barracuda’s cloud-cloud backup service has three ways you can access the backed-up Office 365 email data:

• Export to file(s)
• Restore to original location
• Restore to new location


1. Open Barracuda cloud-to-cloud backup portal: https://eastus2.cloudbackup.barracudanetworks.com/

3. Select the date from which you want to restore/export the backups from
4. Select the mailbox you want to restore/export from OR search through the whole exchange backed up content

More on EXPORTING to file(s)

With this option you can :

a. Export an entire email account’s backed up data: depending on the size of the mailbox, this will get broken into multiple zip files.

b. Export individual mailboxes, folders, or individual emails

Option a) to export everything at once is not wonderful. You get individual 5gb zip files which have to wait 10 min or more to download, then have to individually extract each one, THEN somehow navigate the content of non-date stamped data which only contains a portion of the whole mailbox that you need to search through. Here is what that looks like:

(The contents of these subfolders are in .eml format, not one pst file. If you click on them they will open in outlook or whichever preferred mail program.)

Option b) is more efficient if looking for specific emails, you can search by mailbox recipient, type, sender. Time range and whether or not the email you’re looking for has an attachment:

You could also choose the date from the “Backups From” on the top left, then navigate and look manually through individual folders, by clicking on first the email you want to look in then just navigating where you like:

Then just select the folder, folders, email or emails you want to export and click export.


The same process for locating what you want to export is done for if you want to restore, just instead of clicking “export” click restore.

You can then choose to restore to the original email location or a new email account.

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