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Microsoft Office 365 email (Exchange), allows you to change email addresses on the fly as the “From”
address in both Outlook and Outlook Web.
Specifically if a user has multiple email addresses setup as aliases to be able to receive emails from those
accounts, whether it’s the same domain or another domain they have setup in Office 365, they can send
from any of those email addresses.
Below are the user instructions for how to setup this up and use it in Outlook Web Access and Microsoft
In OWA, log into your account. Then go to the Settings gear icon in the upper-right hand corner and click
View all Outlook settings.

Click on Compose and reply

Scroll down to the Message format section and check the box for Always Show From

Next, scroll down to the Addresses to send from section and check the box for the alias you would like
to be able to send emails as.

Now click the Save button in the lower-right hand corner.

Now when you create a new email, click on the from field and you will see the options you have for
sending the email as.

For the Outlook desktop application, start a new email and click on Options.

Click on the three periods and in the Show Files section select From.

Click on the From field and select Manage List…

From here select the alias you would like to be able to send as and click OK

Now when you click on the From field, you will be able to see the different aliases you can use.

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