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ProTek IT Solutions accelerates growth with the opening of a new office in Tampa, Florida 

ProTek IT Solutions, one of the leading providers of IT and cloud services in Los Angeles, recently opened a new office in Tampa, Florida, to accommodate rapid growth and also leverage the region’s diverse and savvy high-technology talent pool. The opening of the new office in Tampa will also strengthen the company’s partnerships with customers, marketers and other agencies in the Florida market. This new office will enable ProTek IT Solutions to respond effectively and efficiently to the growing needs of its varied customers that are willing to implement the latest technology-oriented solutions in their business.

The new Tampa office is located at 100 S. Ashley Drive, Suite 600, Tampa FL 33602 and is designed to accommodate ProTek’s plans for future expansion and growth.  From their Tampa Office Protek will cover the Tampa Bay area, including Clearwater & St Petersburg and surrounding areas.

ProTek is one of the best providers of IT services, consulting and support solutions in Los Angeles. The company provides various services to both small and large businesses. Some of their services are security services, cloud services, server and network management and help desk services, among others. ProTek IT Solutions is looking to help strengthen the burgeoning US tech scene by bringing their knowledge and vast industry expertise to the nation’s companies while providing them with the mechanisms and solutions required to improve their current IT systems. ProTek proudly continues to embody the expertise, high standards, ethics, intense customer focus, and comprehensive and on-demand IT services offerings on which it was founded.

In the past couple of years, ProTek IT Solutions has been thriving in Los Angeles; however, the demands for the Florida office were plenty and growing. So the company finally set up an office in Tampa, Florida in order to provide better services to its clients, expand its scope, and enable new and more profitable projects. 

ProTek’s reliable and dynamic IT solutions, such as cloud services and help desk services, are designed to fit the rapidly evolving needs and preferences of businesses today. A presence in Florida gives ProTek the right edge to truly assert itself as industry experts and leaders in the US.  Also, note that a new office in Tampa, Florida, also opens the doors to customers and prospects that were reluctant to bring their business across the state, which is excellent for the company. The company has received a lot of support and excitement from both prospects and customers who have been looking to find the amazing IT solutions locally.

“The important decision to expand into Florida and open a second office here is a logical step in our corporate growth strategy,” said Jonathan van den Berg, owner, ProTek IT Solutions. “While in Los Angeles, we started getting a lot of clients in the Tampa Bay area so that it was necessary to open an office here. We love this area of the country and may even be moving here. We know that some of the most important IT markets in the US are in this region, and it’s important that we meet Florida clients where they live in order to service them most efficiently and effectively. Without any doubt, Florida is proving to be a great market for fostering technological growth and innovation in the US, and we are incredibly happy and excited to be opening our new office in the region. We are also happy about connecting directly with the emerging and latest tech ecosystems throughout the US. Thanks to the dedication, commitment and hard work of our team members, this new office in Florida marks the next era for ProTek IT Solutions, and we are looking forward to adding new talent to our incredibly diverse and savvy work force.”

The new Tampa location extends ProTek’s heritage of delivering reliable and scalable technology solutions to small and large businesses in the Florida market. The company is excited to bring its model of efficient, cost-effective and flexible technology solutions to the Florida market. 

“This new office in Tampa is a major milestone for ProTek IT Solutions, but it is also a humbling reminder of the hard work, passion and dedication it has taken from the whole team to help us get us to this point,” said Jonathan. “We have been able to develop remarkable partnerships with customers throughout the US, providing top-notch IT and cloud services to companies in industries like food and beverage, CPG, healthcare OEM, education, financial services and industrial companies. These new facilities in Florida will allow ProTek IT Solutions to continue to offer the first-class service to those customers, recruit top notch new engineers, and advance the technology that will help fuel the next milestone for us.”

About ProTek IT Solutions

ProTek IT Solutions is a full-service Information Technology Management Provider. The company assists existing IT staff in companies, both large and small, and meets their advanced needs and also manages and takes full accountability for the diverse IT needs and infrastructure in business organizations that cannot afford the full range of advanced IT experience and staff that the company offers.

ProTek IT Solutions embodies not only the talented and savvy team of customer-oriented IT experts and professionals that the firm employs but also the enduring customer relationships and partnerships that drive the success of the company. The company is committed to solving its clients’ business challenges with innovative and creative technology and unmatched customer service. ProTek provides strategic guidance as well as on-going IT support to some of the fastest-growing companies and helps them become more cost-effective, agile, and competitive, leveraging the latest technologies and solutions that deliver on their business objectives.