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Cloud Services

Small and large businesses rely on a myriad of “cloud solutions” to manage and streamline their business processes. ProTek is experienced in a multitude of solutions and have spent 20+ years implementing these for hundreds of companies. We’ve seen the benefits and drawbacks of both on premise and cloud solutions and can give you the right answer you need that fits your business model.

Our technicians will evaluate your business needs and determine what cloud solutions could be leveraged by your business as opposed to using an on premise system. Such as email services, cloud file syncing and sharing, server hosting in the cloud, hosted security solutions and much more.

Microsoft Office 365 for Business

Office 365 for Business seamless integrates with your Windows desktop and server environment. It enables staff to effectively stay in communication with each other, their clients and vendors.

It has a multitude of communication and collaboration tools to keep everyone on the same page and moving products through workflows.

Microsoft has created an extremely large and robust network of servers all over the world, managed by high level experts – Office 365 for business is a very reliable solution for your business. Thus giving you the peace of mind that experts are keeping your subscriptions up and running at all times.

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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has truly created a “complete” cloud infrastructure offering with Microsoft Azure. Azure can be used for the simplest of websites to moving your entire server infrastructure to the cloud and giving your employees very secure access to those services.

Microsoft Azure has given developers the ability to create custom applications directly in the cloud just like they had previously on on-premise Microsoft Web and SQL Servers.

Azure’s geographic availability makes your server infrastructure bullet proof as its replicated to multiple data centers.

ProTek’s professionals can help you leverage the right resources in Azure.

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Google Apps for Business

Google has fine-tunes Google Apps for Business so that it covers many aspects of communications and collaboration and put it into one simple interface for all users to use. Google is known to only release products that really work – Google Apps for business is rock solid and very secure.

From an enterprise level email system, email security, contact and calendar collaboration, Google Docs file sharing and much more, your business is in good hands and on the right track for solid communications and sharing internally and externally.

1000s of third party software products, phone systems, CRMs and more have created integrations and plug-ins for Google Apps for business for a truly unified solution.

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Cloud File Sync Solutions

A lot of businesses think their data is completely safe because it is in the “cloud”. Unfortunately most cloud software providers don’t actually backup your data in a way that you can recover the data – they will ensure that they have replicated copies of your data in multiple locations, but that replicated data is just ONE copy. Most email providers will not have a real backup in place of your emails.

In many cases if this one copy of your data in the cloud is deleted or corrupted there’s no way to recover or restore the data.

Knowing if your data is backed up and protected in the cloud is as critical as on premises data. There are numerous solutions that will backup a fully recoverable backup of your cloud solution so you know you are protected and can put your mind at ease.

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Cloud Infrastructure Design & Implementation

There are thousands of providers out there delivering a multitude of cloud services for all business verticals. From Microsoft Azure, Office 365 for Business, Amazon Azure, Rackspace physical or virtual server hosting, the hundreds of email solutions out there.

And then even building out your own datacenter rack infrastructure to host your own solutions – there are a multitude of solutions to get the BEST fit for your company.

Whether you are looking to just simplify your IT infrastructure or add an array of cloud services and platforms, ProTek can advise, design and implement those solutions with your staff to ensure your company takes proper advantage of those solutions.

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CRM Solutions

Having a fully functioning Customer Relations Management system in place is vital for many businesses. CRMs allow executives and staff to properly track sales and customers and all their interactions from one pane of glass. It provides a central repository for all of your customer base and all of their connected activities and documents.

Various CRMs will also automatically pull in all of your emails to and from your customers and vendors and file them under each customer so all employees that have access to that customer can see all of the correspondence that has occurred.

There are a number of top notch CRM solutions out there and picking one and implementing it can be difficult. ProTek’s can assist in ensuring your get the right CRM and its implemented correctly.

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