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Cloud Solutions

Gain Sky-high Expansion With Cloud Desktops


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Have access to your desktop from anywhere. Whether in the office, at home or traveling around, you can access your work applications and files.

Easy growth

As it’s all online, it gives that added benefit of being able to easily create desktops for current or future employees. With a touch of a button you can remove and create new online users for your business.

Cost- effective

As you can imagine, buying new desktops and keeping us with maintenance on them can be costly… that all goes down the drain when it comes to Cloud Desktops. With no physical hardware, you’ll be able to save on costs!


Your business is going to grow bigger and as it does you can change, create and develop better ways of doing things and as you do, your Cloud Desktop can adapt with those changes, making it the perfect solution for your business.


With endless room for expansion, you can scale up your business as much as you need. With flexible options on storage, users and features, get it tailored to your needs.

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Get More Done, Anytime and Anywhere

90 %
90% of organizations in the United States are either using or considering the use of cloud desktops.
63 %
63% of IT decision-makers consider cloud desktops as a priority for their organization.
1 B
The number of virtual desktop users is expected to reach 1 billion by 2025.

Limitless Freedom With The Cloud

Cloud Desktops can bring your business to a new level of workability for the online world.

There are several more benefits that can be addressed when it comes to moving your business over to a more virtual level. It’s a no brainer!

Taking your business to the next level of freedom with a higher production from your staff due to the efficient systems in a Cloud Desktop.

Our team can get this set up for you easily and keep you in the loop the whole time so you’ll also have the confidence to maintain and run these systems yourself easily!
We call Protek IT Solutions when we need to consult on larger projects that we are not able to handle internally. They are a very professional and trust worthy partner. Highly recommend!!

Adam Holloway

We have used Protek IT Solutions for at least 15 years now. Protek is a great IT Company - providing Managed IT Services for our business and home. The IT Techs can "remote in" to provide service minutes after we call for help - no waiting for someone to show up in person if it isn't a hardware issue. The most vital service rendered was when a computer just died - and there was NO back up (this was the user's fault). Protek was able to recover all the data and transfer it to a new computer, and made sure to set up back-up software and an additional external drive to avoid this issue in the future. I recommend them highly.

Linda Sherman