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Simplify Communications With Messaging Tools


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Having a good messaging system in place in your business will hugely speed up the flow of work and communication happening.


With efficient systems of communication, your staff can be at ease that they can easily write to other staff about work needing to be done, or customers about their product or service. It makes their lives easier resulting in the overall morale being higher.


Yes, just as you imagined! Cut down the time of your employees and get automatic messages set up for your customers. This takes extra weight off your staff while still maintaining good relations with your customers.


This day and age, people are huge fans of messaging and is known to be the biggest way of communicating. With your business setup with a simple system, it makes it that much more useful to engage your customers.


The added benefit of a messaging system is the reduced need for phone calls and therefore reducing your costs.

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Get More Done, Anytime and Anywhere

25 %
A study by the McKinsey Global Institute found that using social technologies, such as messaging tools, can improve employee productivity by up to 25%.
50 %
According to a report by Forrester Research, businesses that use messaging platforms can save up to 50% on customer service costs.
90 %
According to a study by Twilio, 9 out of 10 consumers want to use messaging to communicate with businesses.

A comprehensive suite 
of powerful tools

Having good and reliable messaging tools in your business is a good move to expand your business further.

It opens the door to a wide demographic for your business as well as better communication with your customers.

Your staff will become more productive and you’ll be more at ease that you’ve covered all basis of communication so that you can create a higher income stream.

Now you know, we’re the right team to get you started. With many years of experience, we can find the right messaging tool that fits your business just right. We can get it up and running for you fast so no time is wasted! Let’s get you started.
We call Protek IT Solutions when we need to consult on larger projects that we are not able to handle internally. They are a very professional and trust worthy partner. Highly recommend!!

Adam Holloway

We have used Protek IT Solutions for at least 15 years now. Protek is a great IT Company - providing Managed IT Services for our business and home. The IT Techs can "remote in" to provide service minutes after we call for help - no waiting for someone to show up in person if it isn't a hardware issue. The most vital service rendered was when a computer just died - and there was NO back up (this was the user's fault). Protek was able to recover all the data and transfer it to a new computer, and made sure to set up back-up software and an additional external drive to avoid this issue in the future. I recommend them highly.

Linda Sherman