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Phone Systems

Obtaining a state-of-the-art digital phone system is now more affordable than ever. Expensive dedicated phone system hardware of the past is no longer necessary whether you’re a 5 or 500 employee office. Some of the benefits of a new phone system is you can integrate your various other cloud providers with the phone system, such as your CRM for automatic call logging. Newer phone systems don’t require highly specialized phone technicians to maintain and modify – once implemented, internal modifications to extensions, the auto-attendant (or IVR [Interactive Voice Response]) and more are easy and quick to implement.

You can also leverage digital phone lines and potentially cut your telephony costs down by 10X – recently we cut a customer’s phone line costs by 10X – old analog phone lines can be expensive.

ProTek is not married to any one phone system brand, we are trained in a myriad of systems, all with their pros and cons. Knowing multiple phone system platforms gives us an edge where we can determine what phone system is the best fit for you.

Phone Line Cost Analysis and Reduction

Most companies are overpaying for their phone lines by a lot. As we’re moving customers from legacy phone systems, we’re constantly saving them anywhere from 2-10X in their phone carrier costs as they are able to take advantage of newer digital lines.

Recently we reduced one customer’s phone bill from $560 to $60 a month, that’s almost a 1000% in savings. Another recent customer’s bill was reduced in half.

We’ll do an analysis of your phone system needs and your phone bill and based on our knowledge and working relationship with dozens of ISPs and carriers, we’ll find the best fit for you to save you on your monthly costs significantly.

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Phone System Implementation

Whether you need a hosted cloud phone system (Hosted PBX) or a private dedicated phone system, we can help you review your phone system needs to come to the best decision to get you the best monthly pricing and the features you need out of a phone system.

If moving to a new phone system or just a new carrier line to save costs, we can schedule the project out so that the transition is seamless and not disruptive to your office’s production.

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Cloud Hosted PBX Phone Systems

There are now hundreds of Cloud Hosted PBX Phone System providers, if not thousands. How do you weed out the unreliable and not fully proven Hosted PBX Phone System providers?

In working with a multitude of providers over the past decade we’ve tested and been able to weed out the unreliable Hosted PBXs, and properly categorize the ones that are reliable and which features each one bring to the table.

Between getting the right features you need and being cost effective, we can assist in selecting the right Hosted PBX, migrating to it and implementing it.

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Network and Phone Cabling

Proper and clean network cabling goes a long way in being able to properly troubleshoot networking issues in the future.

Our network cabling technicians have properly cabled up offices, resorts and hotels, ranging from just a few cable runs to having to cable hundreds of rooms. Using technologies such as fiber, Cat 5e & 6 network cables, VDSL and even Fixed Point to Point Wireless between buildings where cabling wasn’t possible.

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