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Managed IT Services / 24x7x365 Helpdesk and Monitoring

Very frequently a small IT problem can over time develop into an IT disaster or staff downtime. Catching these issues as early as possible is key in keeping company employees productive – every minute of down-time is a loss in revenue and very potentially that company’s repute with their customers. We have IT Industry Standard proactive monitoring and maintenance software that we configure and implement to alert us to issues with networks, servers and workstations. Our team of technicians will then review and address each of these alerts and will proactively resolve these so they don’t escalate into disasters.

Servers are now the backbone of pretty much any company out there. Servers have many components and not addressing an issue with one of the components can eventually lead to it creeping to other components and you’ll have an outage.Just like any piece of machinery, workstations and servers require constant maintenance to ensure they will operate at optimal performance standards. Having a server or workstation run a bit slower or even at half its speed, translates to slower employee productivity and thus reduced revenues.

ProTek performs regular maintenance so as to keep your IT infrastructure at the top of its speed and performance at all times. We also monitor your servers 24/7 to jump on top of any warnings or errors immediately.

24x7x365 Help Desk Services

Our Network Operations Center is staffed with skilled IT administrators that not only are very skilled network technicians but also in numerous fields of expertise. No matter what the problem is, we’ll have a technician that can take care of your needs.

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24x7x365 IT Monitoring & Alert Response

Through our Managed IT Services, we monitor our clients network infrastructures from their firewalls, switching architecture, servers and all the way down to the users desktops. We work to stay on top of all networks to ensure businesses have no unforeseen outages.

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PC/Mac Repair

ProTek’s network engineers are all experts in dealing with PC/Mac hardware issues. We only recommend business grade desktop/laptop hardware to our clients and so rarely have to do any physical repair – but handle it very competently when it does arise.

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Hardware as a Service (hardware lease)

The cost of purchasing brand new hardware and potentially failover/high availability hardware can be very expensive. Especially when it has to be refreshed every 7 years or so to be able to maintain support for those products and ensure they remain operational.

Leasing server hardware can be very cost effective, every 5 years we’ll replace it with newer hardware and we replace all hardware that goes bad so essentially it’s an unlimited warranty – you don’t ever have to worry about purchasing any replacement parts or any warranty/support plan, its all covered.

This can also be applied to servers that host phone systems, phone system hardware and any networking equipment.

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