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Whether it’s your staff or your customers that run into issues, we can help you solve both! Once they submit their issue, we can dive straight into it and give them the solution to get it sorted so there’s no wasted downtime.


With this service, you aren’t having a team of people figure out how to solve such issues on a full-time basis. You’re only paying as issues arise and are sent over to us. This way you’re narrowing down and cutting down a lot of time spent on IT.


You can always tell when you’re dealing with an expert when it comes to IT support. Unfortunately, there are some people that try to work out how to solve issues but really don’t know what to do. Save yourself the time and get an IT specialist to handle it so it’s done swiftly and professionally.


Don’t have your IT issues bounce around your business and disrupt the overall business. We can provide a management system where all issues go to a centralized place and get handled from there so nothing is lost or forgotten about.


With a specialist, they can spot patterns of IT issues happening in your business and therefore predict when a big problem could happen in the future as a result. They’ll be able to put a plan in place for you to be able to get it resolved patched up so it’s not a risk in the future.

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79 %
According to a survey by Spiceworks, 79% of companies with 100 or more employees have an IT Help Desk or IT Service Desk in place.
20 %
Companies that invest in Helpdesk IT Support have a 20% higher revenue growth rate than companies that do not. (Source: Aberdeen Group)
3 X
A study by Zendesk found that companies that provide proactive IT support have a 3.3 times higher customer satisfaction rating than those that provide reactive support.

Get the IT Helpdesk Services you need

We’re here to make your business run more efficiently as overall be able to save yourself heavy costs in the future that you may not be expecting.

With helpdesk IT support, you can get the everyday problems sorted as well as future problems that look at risk and get systems in place early so that it doesn’t become a disaster in the future.

Worldwide, from small to big, businesses outsource helpdesk IT support and I’m sure you can now see why. It’s a smart move for any business and takes that unnecessary weight and attention off you so you can get going on your big plans for your business.
We call Protek IT Solutions when we need to consult on larger projects that we are not able to handle internally. They are a very professional and trust worthy partner. Highly recommend!!

Adam Holloway

We have used Protek IT Solutions for at least 15 years now. Protek is a great IT Company - providing Managed IT Services for our business and home. The IT Techs can "remote in" to provide service minutes after we call for help - no waiting for someone to show up in person if it isn't a hardware issue. The most vital service rendered was when a computer just died - and there was NO back up (this was the user's fault). Protek was able to recover all the data and transfer it to a new computer, and made sure to set up back-up software and an additional external drive to avoid this issue in the future. I recommend them highly.

Linda Sherman