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24/7 IT Support

Be Covered With 24/7 IT Support through Monitoring & Alert Response


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Fast detection

With 24/7 IT Support provided, any hiccup will be spotted fast and handled just as fast. With our specialist working around the clock for you, you can be sure that no matter the time of day, your business doesn’t have to hugely suffer from IT issues for extended amounts of time.


Our top priority is for your business to be available at all times to your customers. With this, you won’t have to suffer cuts in your income from downtime of your business systems.

Customer satisfaction

Give your customers the best experience when it comes to dealing with your business, whether it’s contacting you through your website or calling over the phone. Nobody likes to go to click onto your website to find that it’s down and end up losing them as a customer. With a fully up and running business online, you can be sure to keep your customers satisfied.


when it comes to IT, you’ve got to know a thing or two about the restrictions and laws in place to be able to implement them into your systems, such as data protection. With our experience, we can smoothly get these running within your system and make sure we keep on top of it so you fully comply.


with reliable IT monitoring and fixing, you can be at the top of the list compared to your competitors. Be able to stay connected to your customers to the max, minimal downtime and no bugs getting in the way of running your business from an IT perspective.

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Get More Done, Anytime and Anywhere

75 %
According to a survey by SolarWinds, 75% of IT professionals consider 24/7 monitoring essential to their organization's operations.
5.6 K
A study by Gartner found that the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute, and the average downtime lasts 87 minutes.
81 %
A report by ITIC found that 81% of businesses experienced at least one hour of downtime per month, and 33% experienced three or more hours of downtime per month.

24/7 IT Support Through Monitoring & Alert Response

Give yourself the ease of getting your IT sorted without the hassle of you getting an internal IT team within your business. It’s a no brainer, at this day and age, to get a third-party IT monitoring and response team. And with 24/7 supervision of your IT systems, you can make sure you’re up and running all the time so there’s no delay or stop on getting new customers to your business.

Our specialist implements a system that will alert them as soon as an issue comes up. We will jump right on it, no matter the time of day, and get it sorted fast.

This is really what you need for a hands-off approach and the confidence that your IT needs are taken care of.
We call Protek IT Solutions when we need to consult on larger projects that we are not able to handle internally. They are a very professional and trust worthy partner. Highly recommend!!

Adam Holloway

We have used Protek IT Solutions for at least 15 years now. Protek is a great IT Company - providing Managed IT Services for our business and home. The IT Techs can "remote in" to provide service minutes after we call for help - no waiting for someone to show up in person if it isn't a hardware issue. The most vital service rendered was when a computer just died - and there was NO back up (this was the user's fault). Protek was able to recover all the data and transfer it to a new computer, and made sure to set up back-up software and an additional external drive to avoid this issue in the future. I recommend them highly.

Linda Sherman