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Virtual CIO Services

Become Confident With An IT Strategy and Virtual CIO


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With someone who has the knowledge in the area of IT and you, who has the knowledge on the goals of your business, you can work together on combining both and achieving big goals.


Our CIO would look over your business and spot any weaknesses or ineffective areas. With this, they can put a plan together on how to improve them which should lift the overall production of the business making your work more efficient and effective.


This is a major area looked at by a CIO as all your hard work can be gone in a flash without a good security system in place. They’ll keep an eye out for any risks of data breaches, attacks or such suspicious activity and get it corrected.

Strategic Planning

Our CIO will examine all aspects of the business and help to put together a long-term plan regarding IT that is tailored to your business goals.


Is your business growing fast and need to adapt your production to it? We can work with you on that too so that your hardware and software will move up with you and not slow you down or cause problems.

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24 M
Furthermore, a study by IDC found that organizations that have a dedicated CIO in place can see an average of $24 million in additional revenue, 57% higher profit margins, and a 53% higher return on investment than those without a CIO.
2.5 X
In addition, a survey by Deloitte found that companies with effective IT strategies are 2.5 times more likely to be top performers in their industry.
52 %
According to a survey conducted by Harvey Nash and KPMG, 52% of the IT leaders surveyed said that their organization's IT strategy was not aligned with the business strategy.

Virtual CIO Services

With a solid IT Strategy & Virtual CIO helping you, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel to really see through that your goals will be achieved fast for your business.

A CIO will be like your right-hand-man. They will be there to give you advice and plan with you on the outcome you want. They have the expertise to solve any IT issues you’re running into or are not sure how to work with.

Having this in place should help make your overall business strategy become a reality.

Let’s team up and get going!
We call Protek IT Solutions when we need to consult on larger projects that we are not able to handle internally. They are a very professional and trust worthy partner. Highly recommend!!

Adam Holloway

We have used Protek IT Solutions for at least 15 years now. Protek is a great IT Company - providing Managed IT Services for our business and home. The IT Techs can "remote in" to provide service minutes after we call for help - no waiting for someone to show up in person if it isn't a hardware issue. The most vital service rendered was when a computer just died - and there was NO back up (this was the user's fault). Protek was able to recover all the data and transfer it to a new computer, and made sure to set up back-up software and an additional external drive to avoid this issue in the future. I recommend them highly.

Linda Sherman