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Security Services

More now than ever do businesses rely on their IT systems and the integrity thereof. Companies can be completely crippled if their primary internal data sources are compromised. Multiple studies and surveys from very credible sources and IT groups over the past few years show that more than 50% of businesses are breached over just a 1 year period. Hacking and breaching networks is now a multi-billion dollar “industry” – it’s the modern-day mafia. When a hacker breaches a network there are several things he’ll try and do, he might just do one or all of these: 1) sit silently and collect passwords, personal information, personal information from emails, etc. He’ll use this information to make purchases, spam your contacts, transfer money, impersonate you, etc. 2) use your computers, servers and email accounts to attack other websites, send spam blasts out, distribute illegal content on the internet and more, 3) Encrypt all of your information on your server or desktop and hold you at ransom.

Any of these actions can partially or completely cripple a company. ProTek takes security very seriously. Your weakest links are from the inside, even your most trusted employees can make the simplest of mistakes to let an attacker in. Phishing emails where hackers can disguise their links and attachments as emails from trusted websites are more than common – the network and employees need to be proofed up to prevent them from breaching the network.

We take a number of actions internally to bullet proof your network and servers from a breach or an employee letting in malware – so even if a mistake is made your network is geared to preventing it from spreading. We’ll train staff on what to look for so they can do their part in preventing hackers from fooling employees. At a new business we’ll do a full evaluation of the security of your network based on an exact checklist. We’ll also use tools to scan your network to determine how vulnerable it is. Based on that, we’ll provide an assessment and plan to clean up all vulnerabilities and keep it that way forever, rather than a patch job which will then let it slip back into its insecure setup.