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Surveillance Systems

Theft internally or from an outside source can bear heavy costs on businesses. Employee theft is a serious problem, especially for retailers across the country. Knowing that the office space is always being recorded will reduce any likelihood of theft. Just the fact that there is a surveillance system creates a positive effect and makes others think twice before acting dishonestly. With current day high-tech cameras, you can capture crisp clear footage of anyone encroaching on your business.

Network Surveillance Systems

Newer technologies allow you to employ existing PC network infrastructures for “Network Surveillance Systems”. Thus reducing costs in not having to run new network cables to all locations for cameras.

This way cameras can either be managed independently or through a Network Video Recording device on a standard PC network.

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Analog Surveillance Systems

Antivirus solutions are one of the key solutions in keeping a network safe and a company productive. Nowadays one virus can cripple an entire network, having all workstations protected with strict antivirus policies and kept up to date is critical.

ProTek will support any digital or analog surveillance system.

Our network engineers can support and troubleshoot any analog cameras not running over network cables

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