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Migrate from Godaddy Email to Microsoft Office 365

Links to access O365 Admin Centers

Admin center                                    URL

exchange                                            https://outlook.office365.com/ecp

teams                                                  https://admin.teams.microsoft.com

OneDrive                                            https://admin.onedrive.com

SharePoint                                         https://netorgXXXXXX-admin.sharepoint.com  where XXXXXX is the org id

azure                                                   https://portal.azure.com/

security and compliance                https://protection.office.com/homepage

Password Resets

Must log in to GoDaddy account directly. There does not seem to be a way to do this in any O365 admin center.

MFA Setup


Show all users with administration roles

Go to Azure portal: https://portal.azure.com

Navigate… Home > orgname | Roles and Administrators > Roles and Administrators | All Roles

Click “Download Assignments”. Now you can see users that have roles assigned and which roles they are assigned.
Office 365 Limitations when licensed through Godaddy
Microsoft Office 365 through Godaddy is a very limited experience. Through some arrangement with Microsoft they sell their Office 365 packages with only a few very key features. When you start to try and implement standard Office 365 features outside of this Godaddy feature set, you either can’t do it or have to work out workarounds.

So the best solution is to never sign up for Microsoft Office 365 through Godaddy, or migrate away as soon as possible before you’re too mired into their setup.

In May of 2022 one of our technicians discovered the following in a support call with Godaddy about them actually assisting customers in moving away from their Godaddy 365 subscriptions and going direct with Microsoft instead for billing. The fact that they would have a tool and procedure for assisting customers to move away from their 365 subscriptions just says that you don’t ever want to sign up for 365 through Godaddy.

“I just got off the phone with GoDaddy Support and the tech explained that because Microsoft is adding so many additional tools beyond just email, that GoDaddy cannot keep up with it, they do not offer all of the features that being a direct client of Microsoft would offer (example: SharePoint, OneDrive, etc. are advancing but GoDaddy integrations are not able to keep up).

Because of this GoDaddy offers a migration to Microsoft within a 10 day window (because they cannot schedule the migrations with Microsoft). During that time GoDaddy would reset all of the email passwords and do the migration through Barracuda. The client would then have a 7 day window to purchase all of the appropriate Microsoft licenses. During those 7 days, the client is covered by the GoDaddy licensing. Because the OneDrive and Sharepoint data is already hosted in Microsoft, there would not be anything needed to be moved for that, but the email is not located in a Microsoft direct account, so they have to do the migration.”

How to Migrate from Godaddy Email to Microsoft Office 36

Godaddy has a support article on the process of migrating away from Godady 365 to a direct or CSP 365 account: https://www.godaddy.com/help/move-my-microsoft-365-email-away-from-godaddy-40094

We have never used Godaddy to assist migrating away from Godaddy and because of the uncertainty of the result and the randomness of when they would do it, we would execute this ourselves using Bittitan Email Migration Tools to cleanly migrate to a Microsoft direct account.

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